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    Jaz Parmar

    Hi Zetya Support,

    I have a question about your product. Would this following scenario be possible with your out of the box features + any of the sample code you outlined above:

    I rent party equipment. A customer navigates to the site and purchases $3000 worth of rentals. They must pay a x% deposit. That deposit should be deducted as a pre-payment of their total invoice (remaining amount due). That invoice must also be paid be X date (based on configurable terms for products (globally or individually).

    Is something like this possible?


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    Zetya Support

    Hi JP

    No sorry that is not possible given the way Shopify captures price and payment.   Anything that impacts price needs to be set up as a variant in Shopify.  The closest you can get is to create a series of tags that represent deposit values and assign these as a tag to the product.  The payment side is managed at the time of checkout and the payment charged is the full value (or authorisation) of whatever is in the cart.  They don't store credit cards so there is no provision to charge after the fact.

    Your best bet is to charge a fully refundable deposit.


    Zetya Support

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