Related Products Bug?




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    Zetya Support

    Hi Sue,

    Can you please raise a ticket and I'll check into it:

    Please let me the url of the product that isn't working, and a password if the site is protected.

    Thanks, Gavin.

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    Sue MacMillan

    Well, lookie that. As soon as I start to put together the info for the ticket-the light bulb WENT OFF!

    I have the fail list knocked down to two items.

    To share with the gang:

    The url does NOT change if you change the title (typo, forgotten word) after you create the product.  I knew this already but forgot to look at that! So, if you are doing related products using the "related" collection title, be sure all your items have the same title and URL to make it work!

    I put in the ticket for the two that I can not see a problem with, I bet it is really simple and I am just fuzzy-brained by entering too many products!

    I hope this helps someone else!

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    Sue MacMillan

    So my post title is totally wrong because it is not a Vanity bug it was a developer senior-moment!

    Nonetheless, big thumbs up to Gavin and Shopify Consierge for the excellent and quick customer support and for not making me feel like a dumbass!

    All it had to do with were the urls in the Collections and in the products, so Related-Products users this is a good tip to be mindful of.

    Thanks Shopify Consierge and Gavin!

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