how to tweak product page layout?




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    Zetya Support

    Hi Jc,

    To add a new horizontal section to the product page like that I'd probably start by creating a new div just above 'product-continue' (giving it a unique id), then copying the style rules for product-continue.

    To pull in the content, you can use liquid along the lines of this (assuming you have extra content based on product type):

    <div id="product-extra">

    {{ pages["product-extra-{{ product.type }}"].content }}


    Thanks, Gavin.

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    Michael Chapman

    Hi Gaven,

    Once I have the horizontal section added to the product page, how do I insert my information into this section on individual product pages?

    From the code you supplied above I get this text displaying in my new product-extra div section: #"].content }}

    Thank you,


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    Zetya Support

    Hi Michael,

    Now that Shopify supports snippets I'd recommend using them instead: 

    Thanks, Gavin.


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