using personify to create custom gift baskets



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    Zetya Support

    Hi Beckie,

    Personified is for customizing individual products (e.g. capturing engraving or color), so although it doesn't do everything you want it could help with the last 2 items.

    One thing I should say is that this is pretty high on the Shopify customization complexity scale.

    1. For "W", do you mean on the same page? You can create a custom collection template to do this.
    2. For "X", you could create a single product that represents the X quantity of other products. This doesn't work so well if you track inventory though (keep an eye on for this).
    3. For the last 2, you could create 1 product that allows up to "Y" (and "Z") quantity of skus. Then use Javascript to let the customer choose the items to add. On submit, use the Shopify AJAX API and call Shopify.addItem for each item. Personified could track the id of each item. Take a look at the Fortune Cookie Soap site for a great example of this:


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