Can Measurement Forms Calculate a Price?



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    Zetya Support

    Hi Will,

    The answer is... maybe, sort of.

    The trick with this is to use 1 of the variant options as a base unit price, so in your case it sounds like you need price/sq. ft. You then need to write some javascript that figures out how many sq. ft. to add to the cart (i.e the quantity) based on the dimensions entered.

    This leaves you with 2 options. You could make these width and height, but then you have to enter a lot of combinations, and it limits the choices. And, if you have another attribute, e.g. color or material type, then you have run out of options, so to speak.

    What you can do with Personified instead is capture the width and height independently of variant options. This gives you back the 2 options.

    You would still have to write the javascript that calculates the quantity - Personified doesn't handle that. However, if you buy it from us with the installation option we can add that for you for a small additional amount on top of the standard install cost.

    Thanks, Gavin.

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