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    Zetya Support

    Hi Espen,

    1. BookThatApp supports pending and confirmed bookings. Bookings become confirmed once full payment has been received.
    2. Currently booking details are shown to all of the store's staff members. Shopify doesn't have the concept of an Administrator, and there is no way for App developers to access the list of staff members.
    3. This can be done using standard Shopify functionality: We can help set it up for you if you like as part of the BookThatApp installation.
    4. BookThatApp currently doesn't send an email. You could potentially show the confirmation details on the thank you page in Shopify. We also provide a way for logged in customers to see their bookings so you could provide them a link to that.
    5. Sorry, we don't support that feature.
    6. We use the jQuery UI Datepicker which supports Norwegian:

    Thanks, Gavin.

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