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    Zetya Support

    Hi Peter,

    Schedule rules aren't related to rules at the moment, but we will have a look at tying them together. Stay tuned...

    Thanks, Gavin.

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    Peter Moran

    That's cool, thanks Gavin.

    In the meantime i've created each tour slot as a different product instead of variants of one paroduct.

    This means I can now apply different schedule rules to each tour, which then blacks-out the dates I don't want people to be able to select when they are choosing a date from the product page.

    I'll keep an eye on this thread for updates to making this work for variants, if that's what you have planned.

    I'm also having a wee bit of trouble getting the booked dates to show up in the Shopify email notifications. But if I can't figure it out i'll start a new thread here asking for some tips.


    Cheers, Peter

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    Sanne Dideriksen

    Hi Support,

    Is it now possible to relate schedule rules with variants?


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