Daily Run Sheet vs. Product Bookings




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    Zetya Support

    Hi Peter,

    Somehow I missed this. My apologies.

    1. There are two fields for the date range - from/to. The from date will be restricted to whatever is in the to date field.

    2. I've added the ability to filter by product. I'll add variants as an option next.

    3. To confirm, you are after the total number of bookings found, or the total for that page?

    4. Ok, I think I understand. You want the calendar to show bookings plus whatever products are scheduled.

    Thanks, Gavin.


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    Peter Moran

    Had a chance to look at this guys?

    To reiterate:

    1. Daily Run sheet - Start date for display should be able to be in the future (currently cant select past present day).

    2. Daily Run sheet - Need to be able to filter run sheet by product and variant, not just dates.

    3. Daily Run sheet - Total displayed bookings should be displayed on run sheet (People shouldn't be expected to count the records manually!)

    4. Calendar - Schedules (determined when setting up the products) should be indicated on the calendar view so I can see when our sessions are!


    I wouldn't ask for custom development specific to my business in such a casual manner, instead I feel these are fundamental and extremely vital functions missing from your software. I'm a developer myself and as such am pretty sure (at least the first 3 points) should be trivial to implement.

    Would be great to hear back from you,


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    Peter Moran

    All good Gavin, very appreciative of the support. Our events manager is on my back about getting online bookings up and running, and I want to make sure it runs well for him when I hand the system over.

    1. I see now - It makes sense that the 'from' date cant be before the 'to' date. We can achieve the selection we want by selecting the 'to' date first.

    2. Great!

    3. After a total for the current run sheet page. Essentially to see the total number of bookings on the current run sheet after we've filtered down by date and product. I guess this would just be a total of the '# in party' column.

    4. Yeah exactly - would be nice to have an indication that a product is scheduled on a date in the main calendar view - Just like how you show them in blue on the calendar preview when setting up a product.

    Cheers mate,


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