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    Tour Desk Pattaya - Thailand

    As I see it, our tour desk has three distinct types of booking:

    1) Customer sets a date and time from within our opening hours (eg a taxi pick-up - this is easy and no problem)

    2) The product or service is available once or twice per day (Repeating Upcoming event I think)

    3) The service offers hourly start times every day between set times (eg hourly shows starting at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm).  In this case the availability is fixed but with options and does not relate to our business opening hours.

    My point:  I have tried 'repeating' but seem only to be able to do that twice.

    We also have some options which offer hourly start times from 8am to 6pm, whilst others only offer two fixed times (say 9am or 1pm).

    I am looking for the best fit for my needs.


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    Tour Desk Pattaya - Thailand

    I can see what I did wrong - sorry I was being a moron.

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