Booking Hotel Rooms or Accommodation




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    David P. Burris

    I have done all of that and now added a Resource for each of my hotel rooms.  Since I am in the process of switching from paper to digital, I have added all of the bookings manually and assigned a Resource (specific room) to each reservation.  How do I get the resources to show up on the Run Sheet?  

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    David P. Burris

    Forgot to add....I need to print off the run sheets for the desk clerks and they need to know which room key to give the guest.

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    Zetya Support

    Hi there

    I wouldn't recommend using Resource in this application.  I would set up each room as a separate product and then book the specific room.  This will allow you to see all the booking details on the Run Sheet.

    If you have any other questions regardiing your specific application, please raise a help ticket.



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