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    Rick Davies

    ding ding ding! haha

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    Rick Davies

    Hey Man,

    We set this up in the live site but it doesn't seem to be doing what we want, although that could be our fault...

    I am trying to use the assistant to sync three product variants (from the same product) - one is a regular-priced variant and the other two have discounted (wholesale) pricing for the same item. So ideally, when one variant is purchased the inventory quantity of all three is decremented.

    Right now I set up the retail variant as the "Bundle Product" and the two wholesale variants as "Components". However, when we made a purchase of 2x one of the wholesale variants the quantities ended up (started at 20) as 20 / 15 / 17... ha ha! Not quite what we intended!

    Screenshot attached... What are we doing wrong?!

    All help greatly appreciated,

    Kind regards,



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    Zetya Support

    Hi Rick,

    Looking at the screenshot I can see the first component slot is missing. Should still work though. Can you please raise a ticket & I'll take a look. Please send me a link to the bundle product in the ticket description.

    Thanks, Gavin.

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